Benefits of Owning Pugs

There are different breeds of dogs that can be chosen when deciding what pet to have for the house. But the pugs are still popular choices among many households. There are numerous reasons on why owning a pug can be a good thing for the family. One of them is that this breed of dogs has a fun personality. If you want to have a laugh and just be playful with your dog, then a pug will be a good choice for you.

These dogs are also show-offs and they like to parade around the house like jesters entertaining everybody. They can look very calm but they are really affectionate and playful. Even though these dogs have big personalities and are very strong- willed, they can be very devoted to their owners. this devotion however is useless against burglars and thieves so a pug may not be the best watchdog for the house.

If you have kids, a pug will be a wonderful pet for them. This dog breed is small in size and will be a good playmate for your little ones at home. Any type of play that the dog will engage with the kids won’t pose any major threat as well because of their body types. These dogs want to please their owners so you do not need a lot of reprimanding as well.

Games for Pugs

Pugs are definitely playful and they like to have fun. They can easily get bored too so playing different types of games with them will not only help them have fun but it will also help them develop certain skills needed to become more developed and exceptional pets. The games that you can play with your pug can vary from simple ones that you can do in the living room to complex ones that you can do at a dog More...

Caring for Pugs

Your pug should be fed a healthy dog food, not table leftovers. Check the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging; meat must be one of the primary ingredients. Obesity is a main cause of injury and illness in dogs, and due to their small stature and size, pugs are particularly susceptible to obesity issues. Brush the coat of your pug once a week. The short hair of pugs do not have to be maintained a lot, but More...


Although pugs have short straight legs, they are quite tough dogs. They are contended with just a long daily walk. Pugs can actually be healthier and do some energetic games if they are only given regular and proper exercise. However, owners should see to it that the exercise for this dog breed must not be overdone because when they get really tired, they are vulnerable to wheeze and overheat. The ideal temperature for the pug exercise is 30 – 70 More...