Benefits of Owning Pugs

There are different breeds of dogs that can be chosen when deciding what pet to have for the house. But the pugs are still popular choices among many households. There are numerous reasons on why owning a pug can be a good thing for the family. One of them is that this breed of dogs has a fun personality. If you want to have a laugh and just be playful with your dog, then a pug will be a good choice for you.

These dogs are also show-offs and they like to parade around the house like jesters entertaining everybody. They can look very calm but they are really affectionate and playful. Even though these dogs have big personalities and are very strong- willed, they can be very devoted to their owners. this devotion however is useless against burglars and thieves so a pug may not be the best watchdog for the house.

If you have kids, a pug will be a wonderful pet for them. This dog breed is small in size and will be a good playmate for your little ones at home. Any type of play that the dog will engage with the kids won’t pose any major threat as well because of their body types. These dogs want to please their owners so you do not need a lot of reprimanding as well.

Where to Buy Pugs

If you have been doing your research and you really like to get pugs for pets in your home, then there are different places where you can actually get this breed. One of the places you can go to is an accredited local breeder in your area. Breeders can have different dog breeds at once and they also know owners of breeds that are waiting to be bred. If there are no available puppies of your desired breed at that More...


There are numerous dog breeds from all over the world but in the United States, pugs are probably one of the top choices of dog breeds for the past several decades. These dogs are in fact one of the determined dog breeds by means of DNA evidence. There are also proofs that pugs could have been existed since 400BC. Originally, pugs were bred during the Yang and Tang Dynasties by the Chinese Royalty at the Forbidden City. In the US, More...


Pugs are among the dog breeds that are absolutely adorable which make them perfect for house pets. These dogs are characterized by round and flat faces that are heavily wrinkled. Among the breeds categorized as toy dogs, pugs belong to the largest kind. When born, pug puppies are just as big as a large mouse, therefore, extra attention and care is needed. Mother pugs are doing great work in taking care of their little ones. The pups are also quite More...