Caring for Pugs

Your pug should be fed a healthy dog food, not table leftovers. Check the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging; meat must be one of the primary ingredients. Obesity is a main cause of injury and illness in dogs, and due to their small stature and size, pugs are particularly susceptible to obesity issues. Brush the coat of your pug once a week. The short hair of pugs do not have to be maintained a lot, but brushing on a weekly basis helps minimize the shedding. In fact, pugs are believed to enjoy getting brushed. This brushing process also serves as a bonding time for the dog and the owner.

Use a damp washcloth for cleaning the wrinkles of your pug regularly. This will prevent infections because deep wrinkles of a pug trap bacteria, dirt and germs inside the skin folds. In case the skin in the middle of wrinkles look irritated or turn red, take the animal to your veterinarian for a checkup. Keep the pug indoors during hot days and provide water each time it is outdoors so that it will never overheat.

As opposed to most breeds of dogs, pugs cannot control their body temperature. If the dog gets overheated, put a cold pack on its bottom to help quickly reduce the temperature of its body. Have the animal treated by a vet if it is seriously dehydrated or overheated. In addition, brush the teeth of your pug every day to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Accessories for Pugs

There are different types of accessories that pet owners can buy for their pugs. These accessories can be functional and they can also be decorative. A lot of dog owners love to pamper their dogs and spending a few bucks on accessories isn’t really a big deal. The most common dog accessory that you can get for your pug is the dog collar. The dog collar isn’t just a fashion statement for the dog but it also serves a very More...

Where to Buy Pugs

If you have been doing your research and you really like to get pugs for pets in your home, then there are different places where you can actually get this breed. One of the places you can go to is an accredited local breeder in your area. Breeders can have different dog breeds at once and they also know owners of breeds that are waiting to be bred. If there are no available puppies of your desired breed at that More...


Before, there were different theories with regards to where the dog breed Pug really originated. Some believe, the breed came from the Far East while others said, it developed in Europe. However, after long years of debate, it is now accepted that the pug origin started in China then reached Japan and later spread in Europe. It was said that the pugs were bred to sit on the Chinese emperor’s lap because the dog resembled the dragons. The short haired More...