Caring for Pugs

Your pug should be fed a healthy dog food, not table leftovers. Check the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging; meat must be one of the primary ingredients. Obesity is a main cause of injury and illness in dogs, and due to their small stature and size, pugs are particularly susceptible to obesity issues. Brush the coat of your pug once a week. The short hair of pugs do not have to be maintained a lot, but brushing on a weekly basis helps minimize the shedding. In fact, pugs are believed to enjoy getting brushed. This brushing process also serves as a bonding time for the dog and the owner.

Use a damp washcloth for cleaning the wrinkles of your pug regularly. This will prevent infections because deep wrinkles of a pug trap bacteria, dirt and germs inside the skin folds. In case the skin in the middle of wrinkles look irritated or turn red, take the animal to your veterinarian for a checkup. Keep the pug indoors during hot days and provide water each time it is outdoors so that it will never overheat.

As opposed to most breeds of dogs, pugs cannot control their body temperature. If the dog gets overheated, put a cold pack on its bottom to help quickly reduce the temperature of its body. Have the animal treated by a vet if it is seriously dehydrated or overheated. In addition, brush the teeth of your pug every day to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Common behavioral Problems of Pugs

Each type of dog breed can have their own personality. For pugs, they are playful and they like to impress a lot. But even if these dogs are really intelligent, their personalities can sometimes hinder the fun as they can have issues with their temperament and behavior. A common thing that this breed of dogs does is to whine. Whining is common for a pug as they have personalities like human beings. When they whine, it is necessary that you More...


There are numerous dog breeds from all over the world but in the United States, pugs are probably one of the top choices of dog breeds for the past several decades. These dogs are in fact one of the determined dog breeds by means of DNA evidence. There are also proofs that pugs could have been existed since 400BC. Originally, pugs were bred during the Yang and Tang Dynasties by the Chinese Royalty at the Forbidden City. In the US, More...


Although pugs have short straight legs, they are quite tough dogs. They are contended with just a long daily walk. Pugs can actually be healthier and do some energetic games if they are only given regular and proper exercise. However, owners should see to it that the exercise for this dog breed must not be overdone because when they get really tired, they are vulnerable to wheeze and overheat. The ideal temperature for the pug exercise is 30 – 70 More...