Considerations before Buying Pugs

Having pugs as pets can be a stress reliever especially when you always have fun playing with them after a long day at work. But before you even buy or adopt a pug, you need to consider different factors. The most important consideration is definitely your financial capabilities. Owning a pet means you need to spend money on providing food and other basic needs to your dog.

Daily ration of food for your pug is only one of the many expenses that you will be paying if you have a pet. You also need to pay for dog insurance and pay for a veterinarian’s fee every time your dog goes in for its regular check-up. Aside from money, you also need to consider your location. If you live in a condominium or a high-rise complex, always make sure that the building administrators allow unit owners to have pets. A neighborhood with a nice open space for the dog to exercise will be a good environment.

Cleanliness is also another factor that will play an important role in your decision. These dogs can be potty trained to urinate and defecate in specific containers inside the house but prepare to clean messes and accidents especially when they are not trained yet.


There are numerous dog breeds from all over the world but in the United States, pugs are probably one of the top choices of dog breeds for the past several decades. These dogs are in fact one of the determined dog breeds by means of DNA evidence. There are also proofs that pugs could have been existed since 400BC. Originally, pugs were bred during the Yang and Tang Dynasties by the Chinese Royalty at the Forbidden City. In the US, More...


Pugs are ideal as family dogs because of their funny and adventures nature which are perfect for the young and old alike. Pugs are very adorable, happy, intelligent and very cute dogs despite of their wrinkled face and large eyes which actually make them more lovable. Pugs are considered by many people as extremely loyal to their owners and masters, can be very good watchdogs and faithful companions. What is great about pugs is that they seldom bark unless perhaps More...

Where to Buy Pugs

If you have been doing your research and you really like to get pugs for pets in your home, then there are different places where you can actually get this breed. One of the places you can go to is an accredited local breeder in your area. Breeders can have different dog breeds at once and they also know owners of breeds that are waiting to be bred. If there are no available puppies of your desired breed at that More...