Features and Misconceptions

Purebred pugs feature a stocky physique and are typically low to the ground. Protruding eyes and condensed snout are their major facial features. They do not shed as frequently as long-haired types of dog and their hair is short, but they still undergo hair shedding all year round. In terms of body weight, pugs are mostly less than eighteen pounds.

The colors of their fur can be fawn, black and white. Although pugs are generally smaller breeds, they still have the ability to serve as reliable watchdogs. Although the majority of dogs can learn how to adjust to living with some cats, pugs should not be around non-declawed cats. Because of their protruding eyes, a cat may scar or injure the eyes of the pug.

Crossbreeding can develop several distinct health problems in pugs. The pugs bred to become larger, for instance, can have heart or leg problems, while the smaller pugs will likely experience respiratory complications. These kinds of dog can be sometimes gassy, particularly when they gulp or wheeze the air regularly. Curled tail, smooth short hair, squarish build, wrinkled face and snub nose are the lovable physical features of a pug, but beyond those things, its friendly “character” is what makes this dog worth taking care of.


Pugs are among the dog breeds that are absolutely adorable which make them perfect for house pets. These dogs are characterized by round and flat faces that are heavily wrinkled. Among the breeds categorized as toy dogs, pugs belong to the largest kind. When born, pug puppies are just as big as a large mouse, therefore, extra attention and care is needed. Mother pugs are doing great work in taking care of their little ones. The pups are also quite More...

Benefits of Owning Pugs

There are different breeds of dogs that can be chosen when deciding what pet to have for the house. But the pugs are still popular choices among many households. There are numerous reasons on why owning a pug can be a good thing for the family. One of them is that this breed of dogs has a fun personality. If you want to have a laugh and just be playful with your dog, then a pug will be a good More...

Physical Features of Pugs

Pugs are definitely among the popular dog breeds that are found in many households across the country today. If you ask pug owners on why they initially chose this breed over the other dog breeds for households, they will tell you that the appearance of the pug is a contributing factor to their decision. But how do dogs in this breed really look like compared to the other breeds? The pug is considered as a short dog and they generally More...