Games for Pugs

Pugs are definitely playful and they like to have fun. They can easily get bored too so playing different types of games with them will not only help them have fun but it will also help them develop certain skills needed to become more developed and exceptional pets. The games that you can play with your pug can vary from simple ones that you can do in the living room to complex ones that you can do at a dog park.

If you want to develop your dog’s agility, you can assemble a simple obstacle course in your backyard or bring your dog to a local dog park with the right agility course. This breed can be active but they can be lazy at times. So at the beginning of the obstacle course, you may need to do a little motivation and show the dog what you want them to do so that they will follow through.

Tug of war is also a good game for your pug. You can use a favorite stuffed toy that they like to munch on and try to pull it away from them. Blowing bubbles could also be fun since pugs will chase those floating bubbles. But you need to use an approved dog solution that is non-toxic to pets and not use detergent or soap for the bubbles.

History and Kinds

Pugs were pets common to Buddhist monks approximately in 400 B.C. Likewise, Chinese emperors came to love, pamper and soil these animals at the time of their rule. When pugs were brought over by Dutch traders to a number of European places, they became lovely pets to European monarchs. Pugs have had a royal and luxurious history. For the most part, it is thought that the name of this dog breed came from the nickname – pug – provided for More...


Although pugs have short straight legs, they are quite tough dogs. They are contended with just a long daily walk. Pugs can actually be healthier and do some energetic games if they are only given regular and proper exercise. However, owners should see to it that the exercise for this dog breed must not be overdone because when they get really tired, they are vulnerable to wheeze and overheat. The ideal temperature for the pug exercise is 30 – 70 More...


Pug grooming is not as complicated as others think. You only need to make sure that the eyes, ears and nose are clean. Cleaning the ear can already be incorporated when you bathe the dog. The standard cleaning routine for your pug is composed of applying cleansing solution regularly using cotton balls on the dog’s ear folds. When brushing your pug’s coat, use the one with firm bristles so that the smooth coat is maintained in good condition. When bathing More...