History and Kinds

Pugs were pets common to Buddhist monks approximately in 400 B.C. Likewise, Chinese emperors came to love, pamper and soil these animals at the time of their rule. When pugs were brought over by Dutch traders to a number of European places, they became lovely pets to European monarchs. Pugs have had a royal and luxurious history. For the most part, it is thought that the name of this dog breed came from the nickname – pug – provided for marmoset monkeys.

Pugs have undergone crossbreeding with spaniels, bulldogs and greyhounds. Also, breeders have tried to produce smaller types of pugs referred to as teacup pugs, and larger ones that are as heavy as eighteen pounds. On the other hand, Chinese pugs, whose snout is more condensed, feature a stockier physique. You can also find double-coated and single-coated pugs.

The double-coated pug has thicker fur and a tendency of shedding more often. Pugs make wonderful pets since they do not have the usual dog smell, excessive drooling or shedding that some kinds of dog have. Another good thing about pugs is that they can make enjoyable playmates for your kids because of their affectionate nature. Pugs are small, but they can act as dependable watchdogs.

Benefits of Owning Pugs

There are different breeds of dogs that can be chosen when deciding what pet to have for the house. But the pugs are still popular choices among many households. There are numerous reasons on why owning a pug can be a good thing for the family. One of them is that this breed of dogs has a fun personality. If you want to have a laugh and just be playful with your dog, then a pug will be a good More...

Physical Features of Pugs

Pugs are definitely among the popular dog breeds that are found in many households across the country today. If you ask pug owners on why they initially chose this breed over the other dog breeds for households, they will tell you that the appearance of the pug is a contributing factor to their decision. But how do dogs in this breed really look like compared to the other breeds? The pug is considered as a short dog and they generally More...

Living Conditions

Pugs are great choice for pets because, unlike other dog, they do not wander off. In fact, they are used to staying inside so they are ideal for apartment life. They can do even without yards and gardens. However, for owners who have their own yards, make sure that your pug is given adequate fresh water and shade because they cannot tolerate too hot temperature especially when the weather is hot and humid. The pug living conditions can actually revolve More...