Physical Features of Pugs

Pugs are definitely among the popular dog breeds that are found in many households across the country today. If you ask pug owners on why they initially chose this breed over the other dog breeds for households, they will tell you that the appearance of the pug is a contributing factor to their decision. But how do dogs in this breed really look like compared to the other breeds?

The pug is considered as a short dog and they generally have square bodies which is why these dogs are often described as cobby. This short and boxy appearance of this breed is what also makes it popular as they really appear cute and adorable walking around the house. The faces of these pugs are also very interesting as they have big wide eyes that are dark in color and they have facial folds resembling wrinkles around the cheeks and the mouth.

The coat of the pug breed is also smooth and silky. Their hairs are short and they stick closer to the body which gives that glossy look to the dog. Common colors of the coats of this breed are black, apricot and fawn. Their ears are also distinct since they are smaller compared to the proportion of the face and can be shaped like a rose or like a button.


Although pugs have short straight legs, they are quite tough dogs. They are contended with just a long daily walk. Pugs can actually be healthier and do some energetic games if they are only given regular and proper exercise. However, owners should see to it that the exercise for this dog breed must not be overdone because when they get really tired, they are vulnerable to wheeze and overheat. The ideal temperature for the pug exercise is 30 – 70 More...

Life Expectancy

The pug life expectancy varies, but the average pug can live as long as 20 years because they are strong and only susceptible to very few ailments and diseases. The longevity of the pug’s life will depend greatly on the breeding, exercise, care and diet that your dog should receive while in your care. If you are choosing a Pug for your pet, make sure to give considerations on the practices of the breeder. Try to ask if you can More...

Common behavioral Problems of Pugs

Each type of dog breed can have their own personality. For pugs, they are playful and they like to impress a lot. But even if these dogs are really intelligent, their personalities can sometimes hinder the fun as they can have issues with their temperament and behavior. A common thing that this breed of dogs does is to whine. Whining is common for a pug as they have personalities like human beings. When they whine, it is necessary that you More...