Physical Features of Pugs

Pugs are definitely among the popular dog breeds that are found in many households across the country today. If you ask pug owners on why they initially chose this breed over the other dog breeds for households, they will tell you that the appearance of the pug is a contributing factor to their decision. But how do dogs in this breed really look like compared to the other breeds?

The pug is considered as a short dog and they generally have square bodies which is why these dogs are often described as cobby. This short and boxy appearance of this breed is what also makes it popular as they really appear cute and adorable walking around the house. The faces of these pugs are also very interesting as they have big wide eyes that are dark in color and they have facial folds resembling wrinkles around the cheeks and the mouth.

The coat of the pug breed is also smooth and silky. Their hairs are short and they stick closer to the body which gives that glossy look to the dog. Common colors of the coats of this breed are black, apricot and fawn. Their ears are also distinct since they are smaller compared to the proportion of the face and can be shaped like a rose or like a button.

Common behavioral Problems of Pugs

Each type of dog breed can have their own personality. For pugs, they are playful and they like to impress a lot. But even if these dogs are really intelligent, their personalities can sometimes hinder the fun as they can have issues with their temperament and behavior. A common thing that this breed of dogs does is to whine. Whining is common for a pug as they have personalities like human beings. When they whine, it is necessary that you More...

Caring for Pugs

Your pug should be fed a healthy dog food, not table leftovers. Check the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging; meat must be one of the primary ingredients. Obesity is a main cause of injury and illness in dogs, and due to their small stature and size, pugs are particularly susceptible to obesity issues. Brush the coat of your pug once a week. The short hair of pugs do not have to be maintained a lot, but More...


Pugs are among the dog breeds that are absolutely adorable which make them perfect for house pets. These dogs are characterized by round and flat faces that are heavily wrinkled. Among the breeds categorized as toy dogs, pugs belong to the largest kind. When born, pug puppies are just as big as a large mouse, therefore, extra attention and care is needed. Mother pugs are doing great work in taking care of their little ones. The pups are also quite More...